Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 1

Welcome to our comic blog! We are from and are new to blogging but figured this would be a good place to give our sprite comic a shot. It's still fresh and new and its not particularly amazingly hilarious but were having fun and hopefully it can become more and more entertaining as we work on it. So here is strip one of Super Rehab Clinic: All-Stars!
**All sprites credit to their respective owners**

If anyone wishes to discuss the comic outside of the blog they may do so here. Hope you enjoy!


  1. The boobs will come all in due time... Ill have the drunken surgeon apply the boob jobs. Free boob jobs and a bottle of Jack for all.

  2. Haha, nice.

    >9/10, needs more boobs.

  3. Lol, interesting to see where this goes

  4. I am confused. Also, I didn't see any boobs.

  5. Sprite comic! How long before megaman makes an appearence?

    Also where's the boobs at?

  6. great stuff
    would love to see more

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